At PMT, our work time in summer is divided between Mango based drinks. That kinda keeps us cool enough to work in the Hyderabad heat. Here are three Mango based drinks that we have.

  1. Mango Orange Banana Smoothie

mb smoothie

For this you gotta have: Orange, Mango, Banana and Yogurt/Milk.

Place the mango, orange, banana, yogurt (or milk), and honey in the blender.

Blend for 2 minutes or until the mixture is thick and creamy.

Pour into glass cups, top with extra mango or orange (optional) or sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

  1. Mango Strawberry Smoothie


For this you gotta have: Mango (cut in squares and kept cool for some time), Strawberries (sliced), Orange juice (half cup), Honey (1 tbsp).

Blend Mango first. Then, Strawberries.

Add half of the blended Mango to the cup. Pour some orange juice. Then, add some Strawberries blended to the mix. Add some more orange juice. Add some small pieces of both Mango and Strawberry. Add honey if you want the drink to be sweeter.

P.S: You can replace the Orange juice with creamy yogurt if you want a thicker Smoothie.

  1. Mango Lemon Ginger Crush


You gotta have: Two large ripe Mangoes, Three lemons, ginger, soda, sugar.

Easiest of all!

Make Mango pulp. Crush ginger cubes. Squeeze three large lemons into a cup. Add the ginger to lemon and keep it there for a while. Add the mango pulp to the glass. Pour soda. Add the lemon juice. Add sugar. Mix. Thasit.


Mango season is soon gonna come to an end, folks. So, grab your share of it when you can.


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